Every day parents and children walk into martial arts centers across the country looking to try a new sport. Like most activities parents have their children participate in, they want to know their child will learn something of value and have a good time doing it. The following reasons will explain some of the many reasons your child will benefit from studying the martial arts.

They will be active

img_0872In a world packed full of virtual activities such as video games, television, and the internet it is sometimes difficult to find a way for your child to want to stay active. Today we have an epidemic of childhood obesity and a general lack of fitness, which martial arts can help mitigate. A normal martial arts class includes a warm up which includes skill drills, games, and normal exercises like push-ups and sit-ups. In addition to the warm up the techniques and sparring in class are active.

Year-round activity

Unlike most activities, the martial arts do not have seasons. Classes are year-round and tournaments run every month of the year if you are interested in your child competing. Weather is not a factor and you will never have to spend time on the side of the field in the rain during a game. The consistency in the schedule builds habits, discipline, and keeps their schedule predictable.

Self-confidence and respectimg_0780

Through the practice of techniques in the martial arts and gaining skill, students learn self-confidence and the value of hard work. In addition to learning new techniques and skills, students of the martial arts learn control over themselves and respect for others.

Individual accomplishment

Each class your child will practice what they have learned. There are no bench warmers or kids who sit out because of not being the best out of the children. Martial arts is an individual sport where each day you progress based on your own work and ability. I may be biased as I am at a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school, but because our classes end in a session of wrestling between the students the kids get to try their techniques in a safe environment.

Equality and earned rank

While some students are of higher rank, through practice and dedication, all students are treated as equals. If for some reason, you go to a school that treats certain students differently it is very unusual and you should leave immediately. Age, gender, race, size, or any other descriptor has no determination on how you are treated. The only thing that separates a person from another is the rank they earn in class and that comes with responsibility. The responsibility is to help your fellow classmates learn.

There are several other reasons your children can benefit from martial arts. With consistent practice, dedication, and discipline your child can benefit from martial arts.