1. Will Kids Martial Arts Classes Make My Child More Violent?

    It’s a question that’s on every parent’s mind when they bring their kids to martial arts: “Will martial arts for kids make my child more violent?” It’s a legitimate question, and one that we understand parents asking. We’d like to put your mind at ease and let you know that martial arts aren’t all about violence. In fact, kids martial arts are just as much…Read More

  2. How Martial Arts Training is Better Self Defense Than a Gun

    There are those people out there who swear by guns as the primary form of self-defense that everyone should have. There’s no doubt that guns have worked as self-defense in some circumstances, but there are times when it’s definitely not the answer. Here are a few ways in which a martial art is the better option. You Can Take Your Martial Art Anywhere Even with a concea…Read More

  3. 3 Ways That Martial Arts Classes Can Help You

      At Integrated Martial Arts, we believe that the discipline and training that comes with martial arts can make each and every person who walks through our doors a better person. Here are three distinct advantages that taking martial arts classes can give you. Self-Defense Most martial arts were not started as a sport but rather as a means of self-defense (or national de…Read More

  4. Martial Arts Fitness Classes and Self Defense At Integrated Martial Arts

    In our last blog we started talking some of the martial arts classes that you can enjoy when you’re interested in learning some self-defense while getting a great workout. These included Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as a great combination of disciplines in our kids' martial arts classes. That’s not all we offer, though! Here are some other clas…Read More

  5. Welcome to Integrated Martial Arts: Muay Thai, BJJ, and More!

      We’re glad you stopped by our new and improved website to find out what’s going on with martial arts in the Westborough, PA area. At Integrated Martial Arts, we believe that martial arts deliver excellent exercise for both the mind and body, and are a great way to keep yourself safe in the world. Here are some of the great options we offer here in our studio. Martia…Read More