ima 1Every martial art has a different origin. Some have been created as forms of self-defense against armored opponents, other have been created as a backup for when a military’s weaponry has been exhausted. Still other forms of self-defense have been about subduing an opponent instead of killing them

The type of martial arts classes you choose to take can have a lot to do with what you’re interested in accomplishing. Sometimes that has to do with the amount of cardio exercise you’re interested in, other times it has to do with how limber you think you can become. But one of the most common reasons people pick a particular martial art is if they’re more interested in defense or offense. Let’s take a look at what you might pick.


Jiu Jitsu, later to evolve into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), started with Japanese villagers who were opposing the Samurai. Because striking such an armored opponent would be useless, they developed a way of using an opponent’s strength against them by employing joint locks, pins, and throws. Striking is not a part of BJJ and offers ways of subduing an opponent even if they are substantially stronger than you.

Our self-defense classes are another great way of learning how to defend yourself. It uses the fastest, most efficient ways of getting your out a situation when your life is threatened. You’ll learn offensive moves, but it’s called self-defense for a reason.


martial-arts-1If you’re more interested using strikes to come out on top during sparring or to incapacitate your opponent, Muay Thai Kickboxing is for you. Here you’ll be using your arms, elbow, knees, and shins to get an advantage over your opponent. While Mixed Martial Arts uses many moves from BJJ, it’s also considered one of the offensive martial arts.

What you’re hoping to get out of martial arts classes often helps decide which one if for you. If you need help deciding, contact IMA today!