DSC04153It’s a question that’s on every parent’s mind when they bring their kids to martial arts: “Will martial arts for kids make my child more violent?” It’s a legitimate question, and one that we understand parents asking.

We’d like to put your mind at ease and let you know that martial arts aren’t all about violence. In fact, kids martial arts are just as much about avoiding violence as seeking it out. Here are some points to consider regarding kids martial arts.

Kids Martial Arts Are About Restraint

It might seem like a cliche that you see in martial arts movies, but it’s often true: knowing when not to use a martial art is as important as knowing when to use it. Our martial arts classes will teach kids ways to avoid a situation so that they’re not put in danger in the first place, They’ll also learn more about conflict resolution so that they aren’t as likely to get into a fight.

Kids Martial Arts Are About Listening

Iintegrated 2n order to learn, kids must be able to listen. When our instructors are talking, students will fall behind if they don’t listen, and then they are at a disadvantage when they are on the mat. We teach and expect everyone to remain calm during the instruction period so that they can listen and learn. Don’t be surprised if they start doing better in school as well, since they’ll be accustomed to listening more intently.

Kids Martial Arts Is About Respect

We demand respect in our martial arts school. That means students must respect teachers, and they must respect their fellow students as well. That means no aggression off the mat, no name calling, and no bad feelings after the sparring is done.

By teaching proper levels of calm, restraint, and respect, your child will find a new level of control that you didn’t think possible. Read our page about kids martial arts here to learn more, then sign ‘em up!