JAKE STEINMANNMuay Thai Instructor and PDR/SPEAR Coach

Muay Thai

Jake arrived at Sityodtong having already been exposed to a wide variety of martial arts, from traditional Aikido and Uechi-Ryu to the modern PDR/SPEAR system. From his first night at Sityodtong, Jake knew he had found the place where the next stage of his journey would happen. A student of Kru Mark Dellagrotte for the last fifteen years, Jake has developed an appreciation for the art and science of Muay Thai training that he seeks to share with all of his students. He has worked with students of all levels in his Muay Thai classes, from raw beginners to professional competitors, and believes anyone can benefit from martial arts training.


A member of the Personal Defense Readiness team its inception in 2000, Jake has completed multiple advanced training courses with Blauer Tactical Systems. He has taught the PDR/SPEAR system to men, women, and children, and continues to share that information in seminars throughout the Greater Boston Area, as well as his weekly classes at Integrated Martial Arts. Jake brings great technical knowledge and tremendous passion to every one of his self-defense classes, and truly believes that anyone can learn how to protect themselves from violent assaults.